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Instrumental Soaking Music

Soaking music produced by Ruach Music…


Rev. Simon Tan

What is spiritual warfare? How do you fight it? How can we really know that if we are really facing difficulties in our life as compared to the true spiritual attack of the enemy?…


Turning from Fisty heart to a loving heart, How the almighty God spent 10 years to destory and rebuild him?

You are the child of the most High God, and God calls you a MASTERPIECE, you are AMAZING, and HE is very PROUD OF YOU. The enemy try to deceive you into a proofing mode: who you are?

Recognizing Your Value

rEV. Simon Tan

TOPIC ABOUT: Faith, Higher Level of Prayer, Increasing the Spiritual Intensity of Your Prayer, High Spiritual Expectation, Your Heart to God’s Heart, Increasing Your Spiritual Being…


Rev. Ime Akpan

Biblical Cosmology

It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; [It is He] who stretches out the heavens like a veil And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.(Isaiah 40:22)

“To understand the first chapter in the Bible is paramount to understanding the rest of it, in our modern world. We will begin to unravel the deceptions that have plagued our world, and come back to a Biblical cosmology. Understanding where the earth is, what the earth is, why God made it, when it was made (in what order), and why it was made is the thrust of our journey in this work.” ~ PAULY HART

Revelation of The Magi

The Lost Tale of the Wise Men’s Journey to Bethlehem
The Revelation of the Magi, mostly narrated by the Magi in the first person, is a sweeping and imaginative work that begins in the Garden of Eden and ends with the Magi being baptized at the hands of the Apostle Thomas. These Magi are members of an ancient mystical order and reside in a semi-mythical land called Shir, located in the extreme east of the world, at the shore of the Great Ocean….

Praise & Worship
Praise & Worship

Through the power of High Praise, release God’s heavenly blessings, healings, revival, and graces…

Hinduism or Christ?
Hinduism or Christ?

Vijay grew up in a traditional Hindu family. He believed in many gods and followed many rituals since he was a child…

A call from Kyrgyzstan
A call from Kyrgyzstan

A missionary founded the first Christian school as well as its first Christian foundation in this country.


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Vine Media (www.vinemedia.org) ── a Christian Faith Portal (non-profit making organization) ──the website was launched in March 2007 in Hong Kong.

The objects for which the Vine Media is established are:

  • To promote Christian religious beliefs to the Chinese people worldwide.
  • To spread and preach God’s Kingdom Gospel to unbelievers by means of films, audio, music and other mass media, as the primary objects, and all are provided to them without cost.
  • To support the study of, and educate the general public about Christian belief.

Vine Media is a media organization to preach Christ’s Gospel via the online platform. For the past 15 years, we produced several web-radio programs, testimony stories, teaching, spiritual sharing, etc.