Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Day 24 Reaching the Hausa

In a land where many believers face persecution, TWR has broadcast Christ’s hope to Hausa-speaking people for years.

TWR broadcasts in the Hausa language include devotionals, audio teachings, music, Christian encouragement and more.

“People listen to our programs aired in their heart language,” says Garth Kennedy, director of the West Africa Transmitting Station.

Thru the Bible in Hausa has been the favorite, along with In Touch and Hausa Evangelization programs.

“We also distribute media players,” Kennedy adds. “Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout West Africa endure horrible suffering daily, and many have lost their lives because of their faith.”

The Story of Jesus, the made-for-radio version of the JESUS film, also is broadcast in Hausa at times.


Father, we lift up to you those involved in TWR’s ministries in Nigeria, as well as local churches that have increasingly come under attack. Father God, please guide us and make provision as we consider additional ministry opportunities to Hausa-speaking people of Africa.

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