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第七天 向哈扎拉人傳福音──Day 7 Reaching the Hazara

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毫無疑問,事奉哈扎拉人是一項艱巨的任務。Open Doors一直將阿富汗列為其“全球宗教自由榜”的國家之一,即跟隨耶穌最為困難的國家。哈扎拉阿富汗社群中只有0.03%是基督徒。多數,有可能全部,都被迫將對耶穌的信仰保守秘密,因為一旦被發現可能會導致嚴重後果,包括死亡。



  • 幫助聽眾克服恐懼和不安全感。
  • 裝備婦女應對社會、身體和屬靈方面的挑戰。
  • 在個人財務等日常事務上提供聖經指導。




連絡: 一般查詢 [email protected],電話2780 8336;奉獻支持

Day 7 Reaching the Hazara

Undoubtedly, ministering to the Hazaras is an uphill endeavor. Open Doors has consistently ranked Afghanistan on its World Watch List of countries where it’s most difficult to follow Jesus. Only 0.03% of the Hazara Afghan community is Christian. Most, if not all, are forced to keep their faith in Jesus a secret, as discovery could lead to grave consequences including death.

While in-country ministry initiatives are currently not possible, TWR partners with like-minded organizations to reach Hazara believers on the air. Where believers and pastors cannot go, God uses media—in this case, radio—to bring hope to his children.

Word of God is a Hazaragi-language program specially produced for the Hazara people. Broadcast three times a week over medium wave (AM), each 15-minute episode presents key stories from the Bible and provides a biblical perspective on God, man, sin and salvation. The program aims to:

  • Help listeners overcome fear and insecurity.
  • Equip women to navigate social, physical and spiritual challenges.
  • Offer biblical guidance on everyday things like personal finance.

After the program, listeners can call in to the follow-up team to ask questions and share whatever is on their mind and heart.


Heavenly Father, protect the Hazara women as they live with the attack of evil intent each day. Thank you for building strong, resilient people through their hardships. I pray for listeners of the Word of God programs to find courage to connect with the listener response team.

Please download the English version from Trans World Radio:
Contact: For general enquiry [email protected],Tel: +852 2780 8336;For donation support



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