Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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To the skies(鄧婉玲 x 陳立業)

To the skies(鄧婉玲 x 陳立業)To the skies
主唱﹕Lambert Chan/Mimi Tang
編曲/監製﹕Adky Wan

M﹕In the shadow of my Lord I rest, and in your shelter dwell
I give you my praise, O Lord, my God

*L﹕You”re all I ever wanted, my fortress, my protector
Here in Your love, what shall I fear?

#M﹕Running in a maze of fear and sorrow
L﹕We never learn the lesson of surrender

M/L﹕Beyond the mist we will discover
  A lasting hope that comes with freedom

L﹕ The light has never left the starry heavens
And from the weary world we have been lifted

M/L﹕In every troubled day, or trial you face
If you can”t find a way, look to the skies ! (repeat*#)