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第五天 靈修──Day 5 devotional “All the families”

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根據創世記十二章的記載,亞伯拉罕似乎將這些應許視為理所當然的事情,但是,他聽到的話是令人震驚的。一個已婚但沒有孩子的人,被告知(在第2節中)他將成為一個國家的父親。然後,在第3節中,他 —— 間接地說,是他出生的國家 —— 將擁有特殊地位。那些善待他的人將被祝福,褻瀆他的人將受咒詛。





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Day 5 devotional “All the families”

The surprising thing about Abraham—or Abram, as he was still known to be at this point in the story—is that he didn’t seem to be surprised. There’s no “Who, me?” moment.

At this point in Genesis 12, Abraham seems to take the promises as a matter of course. Yet the words he hears are astounding. Here’s a man, married but with no children, being told (in verse 2) that he will be the father of a nation. And then, in verse 3, that he—by implication, the nation he fathers—will have special status. People who treat his people well shall be blessed. People who dishonor his people will be cursed.

Then, most astonishing of all: “In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Whoa! In terms of audacious promises, that probably would not be matched until many centuries later, when an angel appeared to a girl named Mary, a virgin, and proclaimed that she would give birth to a child whose kingdom will have no end (Luke 1:33).

Think of what Abraham would have seen if all of it had been laid out before him: His great-grandson Joseph rising to the No. 2 position in Egypt; his descendant Moses leading his people out of Egypt; his descendant Joshua leading his people to conquer the Promised Land; Jesus coming to bring the blessing; and the apostle Paul coming to announce that the blessing really did belong to all peoples, not just to Abraham’s descendants.

To all peoples: Japanese, Somalis, Turks, Syrians, Bosnians, Hausa, Wayana, Trio, you, me. No one is excluded except those who will not open their hearts and receive the blessing.

How about you? Who are you asking the Lord to bring into his family? We’d like to join you in that. Send a prayer request with the person’s first name via, and our staff will pray for him or her within 24 hours.

Through the seed of Abraham, all are blessed.


Lord God, we praise you for the blessing through the seed of Abraham, which became fully known in Jesus. Thank you that this blessing is for all of the families on earth.

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