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W: Watto / 貪婪的投機者

《星戰》電影中有一個性格貪婪的角色,就是在塔圖因星球(Tatooine)經營二手機械零件買賣店(Junk dealer)的獲圖(Watto)。他由零開始,建立了自己的店子,並把賺取的財富投注賭博高速快艇競賽(Podrace competitions),以求贏得更多的金錢和奴隸。這個角色反映急功近利的投機者,用盡方法賺取利益,他們可能得到財富和地位;但是到了生命終結時,他們巧取豪奪的東西都變得毫無價值了。



W: Watto

Watto is the junk dealer in the Tatooine frontier town of Mos Espa. He started from nothing to set up his business, and use the business profit to bet on Podrace competitions in order to won money and slaves.

In Star Wars, there is a greedy character called Watto who is a junk dealer in Tatooine. Watto has a second-hand shop that “buys and sells” machine parts. Watto is a long-time gambler who uses all his earned money to try gamble in pod race competitions to win more money and slaves. This character resembles people who enjoy taking risks and using cheap tricks in the hope of an easy win. They may have riches and statuses temporarily but in the end, the things that they gain will ultimately lose their value.

The Bible tells us, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their life?” (Matthews 16:26)

To many, wealth and social status are the highest achievements one can obtain. However, when compared to the everlasting life offered by God, the Bible tells us that these worldly riches and fame are nothing since they lack eternity values. So, what is truly valuable in Life? It is the gift of salvation offered by the great creator of the universe – our almighty God. Man must accept Jesus” salvation and use their limited life span to bring glory to the kingdom of God.

Those who gamble will inevitably lose everything. Watto was lonely and penniless at his old age. He wasn”t able to achieve what he had planned for himself and his whole life”s hard work became worthless in the end.

Learning from the life story of Watto – We should know how to invest our life and energy in something meaningful and eternal.