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R: Rebel Leader Princess Leia / 莉亞公主

莉亞公主(Princess Leia Organa)在黑暗動盪的《星戰》世界裡,領導革命軍抵抗邪惡的帝國軍隊。命運在延續,她像母親艾米達拉王后(Queen Amidala)一樣承擔國家重任,生命常在死亡邊緣徘徊。然而她沒有埋怨,因為她明白,這是她生來的使命,為要改變世界,扭轉黑暗,帶來光明的盼望。難怪她首次出場的電影稱為《星球大戰:新希望》(Star Wars: A New Hope),主題異常鮮明。




R: Rebel Leader Princess Leia

In the Star Wars Saga, Princess Leia leads the rebels in a fight against the evil Empire. Like her mother, Queen Amidala, Leia bore the responsibilities of ruling and putting her life on the line for her country. Leia never complained because she knew it was her mission to work towards creating a better world for the people. It was her goal to turn the darkness into light and bring hope to the hopeless. Without a doubt, Princess Leia was a bright character in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Similar to Princess Leia, there was a man in history with a real mission: Jesus, son of God, willingly came to this world to serve and to suffer for men”s sins. Jesus understood God”s mission for him. He led his disciples to bring a new kind of revolution for his people. A revolution which didn”t involve weapons. His revolution and gospel brought new hope and shed a light to cast out all the darkness and sinfulness of the world.

“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved the darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” (John 3:19)