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1997.5.28 信息

Louis Wong walks with Jesus. I love him and stay with him. Oh Lord, the lamb of God. I love thou. I will try to guide brothers and sisters in Christ. I will lead them to spread this miracle to the world. I love everyone in the world. Holy Spirit ask me to write this. I want to teach Hong Kong people to love God. They will be lead by a new government. Please let Jesus rules your tomorrow. Pray and loose yourselves to Him. He will guide and save you! Jesus loves you very much! Listen, I do tell you what to do via Louis. Inform your friends in H.K. God love them.

澤林與神同行,我愛祂及與祂同在。噢﹗啊﹗神的羔羊,我愛你﹗我會嘗試指引主內的弟兄姊妹,我會領導他們將這個神蹟傳揚於世,我愛世上每一個人。聖靈吩咐我寫這些事。我希望能教導香港人去愛神,他們將會由一個新政府領導,請讓主耶穌統治你的明天,向祂祈禱及將你自己釋放。祂會指引及拯救你﹗耶穌愛你很深﹗聽﹗我會藉著澤林告訴你如何做 ─ 告訴你在香港的朋友,神愛他們。

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